From Head to Toe: What to Wear on Your First Date

First Date AttireJune is the month for romance. C’mon all those brides can’t be wrong. And you don’t have to be the girl minus a plus one. This month is also the perfect time to start your search for your own single mom summer romance. First dates can be anxiety inducing and uncomfortable. Particularly if you don’t feel you have an attractive and absolutely comfortable go-to outfit. There is nothing worse than sitting down for a cup of coffee with a good looking new man, and feeling the desperate need to yank your slightly too tight jeans out from between your butt cheeks. Or being conscious of the fact that when you lean in to make a point, “the girls” could possibly spill out of your blouse.

To ease the angst and take the guess work out of what to put on, below is my best stylishly comfortable first date outfit.  You will look fabulous, feel relaxed and be able to keep your attention focused on the most important part of your date…the conversation! And because I love to share giveaways with my readers….read to the end, there are some fabulous Isabelle Grace earrings (the perfect way to complete your look) and they are yours for taking. Just sign up to win!

Hands down, ask any man, and he will tell you his favorite look on a woman is jeans, a white T and a great pair of shoes. And for me, this outfit, without fail, is my most successful first date default go-to.

The Jeans

As I mentioned, I’m not talking about butt floss fitter. Rather a flattering pair of form fitting jeans that allow you to breath. My fav’s are my Love Premium’s. They’re made with 360 degrees of stretch that flatten your tummy and lift your booty. If you’re a full-figured beauty, NEVER NEVER wear colored jeans.  A dark blue or black button fly jeans with 4% lycra if possible. (i.e.. AG, Seven for Mankind has cool jeans with lycra and they go up to size 32. Very flattering.

The T

Rebecca Beeson V White-T’s are the best. They are soft, simple and body conscious ~ sexy. If you’re a little bustier, I would suggest wearing your V-neck with a good bra!!! Let me repeat – a good full size bra!! After all, we are going for comfort AND style. A well fitting bra will slenderize versus a too small push up or push in cleavage bra that further makes you top heavy.

The Shoes

Pair this simple outfit with a statement pair of high pumps (a striking color, floral print or stripe) or strappy open toes and you’ll be “gorg”. They add the right touch of extra sexy and elongate your legs. Try a pair of Sofia Z’s. These shoes are so fly. They have been designed for comfort by Usha Patel, a business woman and architect by trade. She designed a unique lightweight cushioned insole padding that cradles your foot. You can wear these puppies for up to 12 hours without any discomfort. and if you visit you’ll get an automatic 40% off on your first purchase.

The Accessories

Completing a look includes your accessories, and a pair of earrings really makes a statement about you and your femininity. I prefer delicate, to the big and chunky. And the  Isabelle Grace line has some fab, low-cost options. Check out the Aurora drop style earrings, they have Swarovski crystals, a retro-cool antique finish and right now through June 30 you can win a pair! Go to to check them out and sign-up to win.

What is your go-to first date outfit?

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