What is an Icebreaker?

Have you ever wanted to reach out to someone online but weren’t sure what to say? We have a feature that lets you break the ice in a quick and convenient way! The aptly named ‘Icebreaker’ is a way for you to make initial contact to start more conversations with people.

At FirstMet, the Icebreaker feature is a casual question which is sent to many recently active members in one shot. The questions are usually related to one of your interests or are general conversation starters such as “How was your weekend?”. The Icebreaker is sent to members who you’re most compatible with and most likely to respond helping you connect with potential dates quicker.

 How to send an Icebreaker

Sending an Icebreaker is easy! Simply log in to your FirstMet account. You’ll immediately see “Icebreaker” next to your browsing options. Just click one of the questions and it will begin to send a message to potential online dates nearby.

Icebreaker on profile

Icebreaker messages are not sent without you clicking on them. No messages are ever sent out on our members’ behalf without the member actively clicking. If you receive an Icebreaker from a member you don’t want to talk to, you can delete the message or block the member from contacting you again.

Icebreaker Settings for Premium Members

Though an Icebreaker is a great way to start a conversation with multiple members at one time, you may reach a point where you don’t want to see them anymore. Premium members can opt-out of sending and receiving Icebreakers. This allows you to focus on who you truly want to connect with.

To change the settings, click “Edit Settings” under the Icebreaker header:

where to click edit settings (1)

When you click on “Edit Settings”, you will be able to select your preferred setting:

Change icebreaker settings

Select the setting you want to update and click on Save.

Not yet a premium member? Log in to your FirstMet account and click ‘Upgrade’ to get this premium feature.

The beauty of Icebreakers is that it’s super easy! Simply select one of the questions to get the conversation started. It’s a fun way to quickly connect with others on FirstMet. Start meeting more new people and find more online dates today!


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