UK Dating: Money Cannot Buy You Love

Money might buy love with online daters in the United States but that isn’t the case across the pond in the United Kingdom. Online dating site examined over 650,000 interactions of its members in the UK and discovered they aren’t looking for high income earners online. Rather, they are looking for love.

See the results below:

Dating in the UK: Does Income Really Matter?

Data showed that women throughout the UK were 45 per cent more likely to contact men when he declined to post his income, rather than boast about making more than £100,000. Perhaps British women are too savvy to believe that every bloke is loaded.

Men are also contacting women who do not disclose their income, either by stating that they wish not to share it or ignoring the question all together. There is, however, a small increase in contact when a woman makes between £80,000 and £100,000, but overall, it seems that money truly cannot buy love for the people of the UK.

With high contact rates for those that decided to stay mute on the topic of money, one can’t help but wonder if British singles think discussing the topic is tacky.

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