3 Truths About Sex, Health and Dating

man and woman in bedKnowledge is power — especially when it comes to S-E-X.

Dating With Dignity’s Marni Battista delivers the truth about sex, health, vitality and overall mojo. Turns out, the benefits are worth the effort whether you are single or not! (Plus, learn exactly how healthy online daters are here).

1. Getting frisky in the morning is healthy.

Wake-up sex can actually make your day more productive. The release of hormones from sex produces that “glow” and also lowers anxiety levels. It also raises your self-esteem; so if you’re prepping for a big meeting, instead of chugging coffee try a roll in the hay.

2. It is the best beauty product you own.

Climaxing also releases a chemical that boosts estrogen, and estrogen makes your hair and skin look great. Improved texture of your hair and tone of your skin means you can probably throw away that “extra moisture” lotion you just bought!

3. Regular sex can keep you young.

Not only does it burn calories (150-300 per hour, on average!), but it also lowers your stress levels. When you orgasm, your body releases dopamine that produces that “natural high” feeling. In fact, studies have compared the brain scans of people during orgasm to those of people who are “high” on certain drugs, and the results are nearly identical!

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