Top 5 Things on His Mind This Weekend: NFL GIF Edition

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This Sunday officially kicks off the 2013 NFL season, which means single guys are thinking about one thing: football.

Single ladies, have no fear. This week we are breaking down which teams, players, and football-related interests have single guys buzzing. For all the women who love football, and even for those who don’t, here is a little insight into the top 5 things he’s probably thinking about before the games begin this Sunday.

1. Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a sport in and of itself to men—but it’s really exactly what it sounds like: playing make-believe. Basically fantasy footballers are “general managers” of virtual teams built from real football players. Fantasy football mimics the real thing in its entirety as virtual coaches can draft, add, drop and trade players with other virtual coaches.

Ask him who he has starting in Week 1 of his fantasy football league. And impress him by suggesting he pick up New Orleans QB Drew Brees, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

2. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is more than just the cutie in the State Farm commercials; he is the Packers’ QB. While he’s definitely MVP material, he is facing a tough San Francisco 49ers defense this Sunday.

Ask him if he thinks Rodgers can get the passes off to wide receivers Cobb and Jones.

 3. Dallas Cowboys

Yes, the cheerleaders are world renowned, but you should know the Cowboys just picked up free-agent guard Brian Waters for a one-year $3 million dollar deal.

Ask him if he thinks this will help Romo down the line or if Romo will end up on his behind.

4. Tim Tebow

He’s big and beefy, but ladies, he’s unemployed! Cut by the Pats, dumped by the Jets, and hung out to dry by the Broncos… Where will he go?

Ask him if he this free agent will explore an indoor team or take his “talent” to Canada.

5. Rob Gronkowski 

While Gronk is big and bad, he had a back procedure in June, a broken arm last year and nasty staph infection to boot.

Ask him if he thinks the New England Patriots will win without him or if Brady will have to rely more heavily on his running backs.

And ladies, try not to get distracted thinking about Brady…

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

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