Tips to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

You’ve signed up for online dating but aren’t sure how to get started. Or you’ve put yourself out there and aren’t having much luck with results. We get it. It can be uncomfortable writing about yourself but your profile is your time to shine and showcase who are. Here are some tips to help you get the best online dating profile increasing your chances for love.

The Name Game
Think of a screenname that captures your essence and is meaningful to you. Get creative! Think of a name using word play or humorous puns. For example, if you love a sport, incorporate that into your screenname. Try to resist simply adding numbers to the end of your handle, it can come off as boring. For safety reasons don’t use your full name. And please, try to avoid any sexual references.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
We as humans are visual beings. Having a good profile picture showcasing you is extremely important. The number one tip is to make sure the picture is of ONLY you. Don’t use a photo that has you with a friend, an ex or your family. The sole focus should be YOU. Click here to read tips on how to take the best online dating profile picture.

Be Positive
It can be easy to get self-deprecating while writing your profile. Focus on the things you love instead of your dislikes. For example, instead of saying “I hate cooking” re-phrase it to “I enjoy eating out”. Remain positive throughout your entire profile and avoid any negative talk.

Honesty is the Best Policy (but don’t overshare)
This is the time for you to be your real self. Lies will come back to bite you and the right person will accept you as you are. Give your real age or age range, use a recent photo of yourself (within the last year), give your real height, etc. Don’t lie about stuff, that’s not cool. Also, this is not the time to go into a long-winded story about a breakup or an ex.

Not Sure What to Write
Your profile is the time to let your personality shine! Be yourself. And if you’re not sure what to write, some things you can include are your hobbies, simple facts about yourself, what you like to do, or your favorite things. But don’t list out anything cliché like you enjoy romantic walks on the beach (everyone says that). Try to keep it interesting. Perhaps include a book you finished reading or a new restaurant you just tried or a new place you recently visited.

Fresh Pair of Eyes
Sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself. Ask a friend to give your profile a read and be open to any suggestions they may have. A good friend is able to give you a different perspective. Oh, and have them proof-read it. You don’t want any typos in your profile.

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