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New Year’s resolutions are often easier for most of us to pronounce than to follow through. In fact, a full 88% of us will have gone astray by mid-February. This less than stellar success rate may come down to what Harvard School of Education professor, Lisa Lahey, calls “the New Year’s resolution approach.” She suggests that we start off great, but the problem is the behavioral change is not permanent. That’s because the changes underlying most New Year’s resolutions are not fundamentally behavior problems… they’re mindset problems. Aha!

So, to fix it for you, watch this video for three tangible “to-do’s,” you can do right now. Plus there is an awesome Free giveaway full of super inside and out Fitness goodies to help you get your mindset back on track. Enter here by March 9, 2015 to win!!!!

1. Strengthen Your Inside  

It has been shown that taking a daily multivitamin can help reduce stress and improve your overall mental well-being. It’s also a natural step toward better health and improving your weight loss efforts. But, not all vitamins are created equal, nor should they be. You are a unique individual and your vitamins should suit you. Drs. Romy Block and Arielle Levitan, realized this and created Vous Vitamins, a system whereby you get a multivitamin specifically tailored for you. After filling out an online questionnaire that asks things like where you live, your age, and other key factors about your life, Vous will provide you with a formulation to suit your individual needs.

2. Dress the Part

Woman working outStaying motivated to get to the gym and exercise is as much about how you perceive your appearance, as it is showing up to make an appearance! No one feels inspired to exercise in an oversized t-shirt and sweats and you might not feel comfortable in super tight fitting fitness gear either. That is why Quenchwear is a super option. Wendy Manassee, the owner and designer says, “I created the line to fit a “real” woman’s body with looks that transition from active to anywhere. You can wear it in the gym and feel good about what you’re doing and then go to the mall with your friends and still feel fabulous.” It’s comfort, style and function all rolled into one.

 3. Find a Sport You Love

Nothing is more powerful than doing something because you love doing it. If you can find a sport that doesn’t feel like exercise that’s a plus. And as a single mom finding something you love and you can do with your kids…well, that’s the golden ticket to success. One of the sports I suggest you try is Archery. It has lots of grown up benefits for you and it’s a great sport for your kids too. Not only does it develop confidence it is one of the best upper body strength workouts around. It is affordable, as neither you nor your kid will ever out-experience or outgrow the bow. My favorite brand, Genesis Archery, has a build your own bow feature on their website. There you can choose to create your bow with up to 11 different colors and they’ve got a great program for kids called “Bulls I Did It!” for confidence and esteem building.

To help you stay on track with your on-going New Years fitness goals, now through March 9, 2015, if you go to you can sign up to win an entire February fitness package. It includes your very own personalized one month supply Vous Vitamins + their snappy situational supplements, a pair of Quenchwear pants and your very own Genesis bow and arrow kit. It is a total package worth over $400!

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