3 Ways to Get Your Relationship Ready for the Holidays

couple holiday presentsThe holidays are almost here which means endless parties, cooking, shopping and traveling.  While this time of year can be fun and celebratory, undue stress can take a toll on your relationship, too. Relationship expert Aaron Anderson explains how to avoid it.


1) Create a Calendar.

Sometimes you really do forget to tell your partner about important events. Instead of fighting about who forgot about the party, find a calendar and write them all down.

If you do the online option, you can even setup an e-mail reminder a couple days before that way there’s no question about what’s coming up.


2) Decide Beforehand What Parties You’re Going To.

There’s your work party, your family parties, your old college roommates’ party and that’s not including all the parties your partner has. But there are only so many weekends before Christmas so you just can’t go to all of them.

Talk it over beforehand with your partner. This gives both of you a chance to discuss why it’s important why you want to go and come up with other plans in case one (or both) of you don’t want to go.


3) Talk About Gift Giving With Each Other.

You’re not a mind reader and neither is your partner. And giving a gift to your partner can feel like a trap in a lot of ways. Did you spend too much or too little? Should you get them something they want or something they need?

Instead of guessing and running the risk of striking out, talk about gift giving. You don’t have to ask specifically for what they want but you can ask general questions like “what’s our budget for gifts for each other this year?” or “if you had to choose between something you wanted or something you needed which one would you pick?”

The holidays are supposed to be for spending time with the ones you love and for making memories. These tips will help you make sure that the memories you’re making are happy ones and that you’re still in love after the holidays!

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