Opening Lines That Get Responses from Online Dates

It’s time to stop sending blanket, generic pick-up lines to every person you send a message to. If you’ve been wondering why you’re not getting any responses from online dates, take a look to make sure you’re incorporating these tips into your first messages.

A simple hello goes a long way

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many first messages don’t include a simple salutation. Hi, Hola, Hey, Hello, What’s up, How’s it going. There are many ways to say hello, not to mention it’s a polite thing to do. Think about it, if you met someone in person you would say hi, why not emulate that in your online message?

Personalize it

This is important: take the time to read profiles. There’s nothing worse than getting a message from someone and it’s obvious they didn’t read the profile. Comment on something from their profile in your message. This shows you actually took interest in them and took the time to read about them.

Ask a question

Get the conversation started by asking a question. Asking a question gives them something to respond to so it’s easier for them to reply. Bonus points if you’re able to ask them a question that relates to something in their profile. For example, if you see they cook, ask them what their favorite dish is.

Write your opening message with confidence and be respectful. Remember the quality of your message is important. Now get out there, send your well-crafted first message and start getting replies in no time.


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