Success Story: Becca & Matt Success Story: Becca & Matt“One day, Matt clicked ‘yes’ on me and I returned the favor. His message was in French, which I am not exactly fluent in, but I managed to fabricate a response with the broken French I do know (only to find out he was pretty rusty himself!). We began texting and chatting.

There was already a sincere and intense connection between us that I’d never felt before. He asked if I could phone him so he could hear my voice. We talked until about five in the morning. Poor guy had work a couple hours later!

I decided after that night that I would drive to Calgary (an hour and a half away from where I was living) to spend the night with him and meet him in person. He was the same down-to-earth and great guy I spoke to on the phone, but it was much better to be with him in person.

Since then, we haven’t spent more than a couple of nights apart. My job was flexible, so I was practically living with him right from the get-go. Matt got a job near me and a few months later we bought a cozy little split-level house. We couldn’t bear to be apart!

Thanks to for helping me find my soulmate. I have never been happier or in a healthier relationship!”


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