Success Story: Pip & Dwayne

Pip & Dwayne wedding photos“Two years ago, I signed up with because a friend kept telling me, “You need to find a man. You need someone to share all the love you have to offer.”

Shortly after signing up, a man liked me and sent me a message. I was a bit concerned about using online dating but thought to myself I need to start being more adventurous. So Dwayne and I started to communicate and we made our first date for the following month. Both of us were as nervous as hell when we went to dinner, confiding in each other that this was a first time for both of us in trying online dating. But we both laughed and kept going with the date. We went to the movies after dinner and we laughed at all the same spots in the movie.

The few weeks after we communicated and saw each other, we both agreed there was something there. Dwayne already had a month-long family trip booked for that fall around Greece and Spain. Dwayne wanted to cancel and I said, “No, go enjoy and I will be the first face you see when you get home.” So off he went and we communicated almost every day. On his return home I meet him at airport at 1:00 A.M. and kept to my word of being the first face he saw.

For the next few months we spent as much time together as possible. With Dwayne working a fly-in fly-out job and his home nearly 250 miles from mine it was difficult but we did it. A lot was going on for me at the time. I was living with my mom as I was in the process of building my new house yet Dwayne would still come and visit me.

A month later, we decided we would spent an night down in Mandurah, Australia. We went and we couldn’t let go of each other. The next thing Dwayne said to me was, “Pip, I love you I want to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?” I broke down in tears looking at him kneeling down on one knee with tears in his eyes, too. How could I resist? I also got a confession from him that he had already spoken to my father and asked for my hand.

When we were discussing wedding dates, Dwayne asked one favor of me. He said it would mean the world to him if we were to marry on his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. And that’s exactly what we did.

We still hate being apart but love each other more each day. A big thank to for making my fairy tale come true.”

– Pip

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