Success Story: Karin & Heshem Success Story: Karin & Hesham“I met Hesham on — he sent me an message and I replied, but it took a while before we actually talked. When we start talking, it was like we had known each other all our life.

We talked and talked about religion, culture, everything. We had very different backgrounds — he is Muslim and from Egypt and I’m Catholic from Holland but for us it’s not a problem. Holland so catholic but for us its not a problem. We always say we talk about everything and anything.

We always wondered how is was possible that two  people who did not know each other that both speak a different language know each other so well. We both are convinced that this was meant to be; we are so connected that we cant live without each other. Of course, we’ve had our problems but we will stay together no matter what cause we know this love is forever.

After 6 years we are still together, happily married, trying to have a child together, and putting together a real life for ourselves in Holland. This is not just love — it’s more than that. Thank you to for introducing me to my soul’s twin and the love of my life.”


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