Success Story: Cindy & Jeff Success Story: Cindy & Jeff“Jeff was on for a couple months before I had joined. It took me two weeks to decide to join because I was not sure about the whole online dating thing and meeting anyone online.

Jeff was not having any luck finding anyone that was interesting to him and he said he was about three days away from deactivating his account. I was on for only two days when I came across Jeff’s profile and something kept pulling me back to his profile. Out of all the guys I talked to, he was the one I wanted to get to know for some reason.

I sent him an icebreaker (actually a few of them). I waited to see if he would ask any questions and when he wouldn’t I made the first move (which was so not me, but for some reason I just had to get to know him). After two weeks of talking and texting, Jeff asked me out on a date. We went to the movies — Jeff was so nervous and for the first time ever on a date, I was the calm one. Later that night, Jeff had me call him to make sure I got home safely and we talked for six and half hours. We both had so much fun just laughing and getting to know each other more.

Jeff was the first guy that has ever made me laugh as much as I have, and from that moment on, I had this feeling this was the guy. We have been together for almost three months, but have already fallen in love with each other and even talked about our future together. We talk to each other every day (for hours). We visit each other as much as possible. We both have so much in common and enjoy our time together even if it’s just a lazy day around the house. We want to thank for helping us find each other. We are each others’ soul mates!”

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