Success Story: Marc & Debbie Success Story: Marc & DebbieA few years ago years ago, I was sitting in my apartment, having just come back from a film shoot. I was touching base with a few of my friends on Facebook when a pop-up appeared. It was from a friend urging me to look at an attractive woman on

I have always been skeptical about online dating sites, but thought that I had nothing to lose, especially since I had a few days off from work. I registered myself, created a profile and started browsing.

All of a sudden a woman sent me a message. I was surprised because I thought only guys would be bold enough to take the first step, but nonetheless, here was a girl sending me a message. It said: “You can come stay in my heart rent free.”

I had tried online dating once before and had a bad experience so I called a friend of mine for advice and he suggested meeting her for coffee. So, we made arrangements to meet at a coffee shop halfway between her house and mine. When I got to the coffee shop, I looked for the face that was embedded in my mind from her profile picture. She was sitting by herself, enjoying a latte. I introduced myself, ordered a latte for myself and we started chatting.

This “chatting” is still going on today. It is amazing how utilizing an application like to find the perfect match for yourself can better one’s life tenfold. I plan to propose to her within this year. We have spoken about marriage often lately and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

I would like to thank for making your application available. Without you, I would not be with the love of my life.

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