5 Online Dating Profile Rules You Need to Follow

woman online datingTimes sure have changed since you were in your young twenties.  Who would have thought that one day you’d be able to meet countless amounts of amazing singles at the click of a button? Life sure is good these days.

But not so fast.  The progress that technology brings is only as good as what you make of it.  If you don’t know how to get noticed online, then you will never have the type of results you hope to attain.  This is why it is so critical to learn how to write a profile that is sure to get noticed, and attract the right kind of attention.   In fact, what you present in your online dating profile is the most important determinant of your overall success. Here are five important rules that you should be following when creating an online dating profile.

1.  Stay positive at all times.

If you want to be perceived as someone who is worth getting to know, then let those positive vibes shine through as much as possible.  Demonstrate throughout your writing and profile pictures that you are someone who is happy, takes advantage of each day, and is looking forward to all the great times that lie ahead.

The worst mistake you can make is to create negative lists of what you are not looking for in a partner.  This will send bad energy to those reading your profile, and will make you come across as someone who has probably had bad experiences in the past. So stick to what you do want, not to what you don’t!

2.  Show that you are open-minded.

Sometimes as people get older, they fall into routines, habits, and stubborn ways of thinking.  While you may be comfortable with the life you are currently living, its important to keep an open mind and show that you are open to change and new experiences.  Finding a new partner means you will inevitably be breaking away from parts of your current lifestyle a bit.  So take it in stride and enjoy all the new possibilities and adventures that are bound to come your way.   Nobody wants to be with somebody that is close-minded and unwilling to try new things.

woman online dating3.  Proofread your profile at least twice!

Every day of my life I see profiles online that are filled with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes.  This not only makes the person look unintelligent, but it makes the person look lazy and careless.  This may not be completely accurate, but perception is everything, and you should strive for the perception of someone who is intelligent and hardworking.  If you aren’t advanced at writing, then ask a friend to proof read for you.

4.  Laughter is the bond that unites all.

Nothing makes another person want to be around you more than the ability to make him or her laugh.  At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to go on a first date with someone that they know will keep them smiling, laughing, and in good spirits?  Don’t just say that you are funny in your profile.  Demonstrate it with your writing.  Then take that humor all the way to the first email for the perfect one-two punch.

5.  Tell a visual story with your photo gallery.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is putting up a photo gallery that shows a few pictures standing alone or in a boring setting.   This is a big mistake and a failed opportunity.  We live in a society that is largely visual.  Your photo gallery should tell a story of your interests, hobbies, and passions, the same way your written profile tells a written story of your life.  When both are set up perfectly, they combine to be a force that cannot be stopped.

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