Top 5 Least Picky Cities for Android and iOS Daters

infographic of android and iOS breakdown in the USThe state you live in indicates more than you realize about your mobile phone and dating preferences. 

We recently found that online daters with iOS devices are contacted 17% more often than Android daters, while Droid daters initiate contact 12% more than iPhone lovers.

The findings were particular interesting because after examining the locations of 54,000 of our app users, we discovered the number of singles using iOS devices outnumbered those using Android in every U.S. state. Singles with iOs devices led Android devices 2:1 in California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Even so, Android users in nine of the 50 states — Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, Utah and Washington — were more likely than iOS users to contact someone online.

They were also more outgoing than their iOS counterparts in major cities like Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Some of the least picky Android users, meaning they give love a little more freely, were in Jersey City, N.J. (which also happens to be the least picky online dating city).

Find the list of least picky singles for each mobile platform below:

Least Picky Android Cities

1. Jersey City, New Jersey

3. Staten Island, New York

3. Des Moines, Iowa

4. Albuquerque, New Mexico

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Least Picky iOS Cities

1. Alexandria, Virginia

2. New Haven, Connecticut

3. Oakland, California

4. New York, New York

5. Los Angeles, California

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