America’s Laziest Daters: Southern Singles Need to Shape Up

New online dating data shows least active singles reside in West Virginia; most active singles in Hawaii

According to recent data from online dating site,, singles who workout 3-4 times per week are more desired online. This begs two important questions: where can you find these athletically inclined singles and where are all the lazy ones to avoid?

To find the answers, analyzed the self-reported exercise activity on over 100,000 member profiles and determined exactly where the most active and least active singles were located.

Check out the state breakdown below:

Lazy and Healthy States Infographic

The data shows that singles with the number one most sedentary lifestyles reside in West Virginia, where 19% of people report never working out, followed by Kentucky (17%), Arkansas (16%), Missouri (16%) and Ohio (16%).’s most active singles reside in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, where 51% of people work out more than 3x per week, followed by California (49%), Colorado (46%), Massachusetts (45%) and New York (44%).

If you’re looking to get even more detailed so you can find a fit—or lazy—date, below is the breakdown of the top 5 least active and most active cities in America:

Top 5 Active and Least Active Cities’s data ranks Toledo, Ohio as the number one least active cities for singles, and according to the CDC, 38% of adults in Toledo are overweight and 30% are obese.

While Los Angeles is the number one most active city for singles in America, it is also home to the pickiest females in online dating; meaning women in LA are some of the least likely to respond to men who contact them online in the country. Maybe they are too busy working on their figures to respond!

Despite their extremely fit and active lifestyles, previous data from found that single men in Los Angeles embrace women of all sizes in their online dating endeavors. Los Angeles ranked as the 4th best city for curvy women in online dating while over on the east coast, fellow active city New York ranked as one of the worst cities for curvy women.

To take its superficial reputation one step further, single women in NYC also prefer their men to be a certain height.

To all those couch potatoes out there in the South and Mid-West, we just hope you are spending your lazy days in front of the computer trying to find love.

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