Online Dating: Indian Women Most Desired by Australian Men

Data shows White men are most likely to contact Indian women; least likely to reach out to Asian women online

Indian woman with computer analyzed over one 2.8 million online dating interactions in Australia to discover how members contact each other users based on race. The results show that in such a multicultural country like Australia, looking for a partner outside one’s ethnic group isn’t abnormal.

Take a look at the results below:

White men are most likely to contact Indian women and least likely to reach out to Asian women

White men are 13% more likely to contact non-white women than White women

White women are 11% more likely to reach out to non-White males and most prefer Pacific Islander men

Non-White women are 2% more likely to contact White men than non-White men

Similarly, non-White men are 19% less likely to contact White women than non-White women

According to the data, the majority of Australian singles are looking for love outside their own ethnic group, which reflects a similar cross racial dating pattern in the United States — the data there showed that all men preferred Asian women, except for Asian men!


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