Short Men in NYC Don’t Stand a Chance in Online Dating data revels the best and worst cities for men under 5’9” in online dating within the NY metropolitan area

Does size really matter to women when it comes to online dating? If we’re talking about height, the answer is yes. analyzed over 50,000 interactions in the NY metropolitan area to determine how likely female users were to contact a male user that was 5’9″ or under when she viewed his profile.  Turns out, all boroughs are not made the same. Here are the results:

Short Men InfographicAccording to the data, “vertically challenged” men should think twice about which boroughs they decide to reside in if they are looking for love online.

Manhattan topped the list—and lived up to its superficial reputation—as the number one worst city for short men in online dating, showing a 1.236% chance of a woman contacting a man under 5’9″.  The Bronx came in a very close second with the chance of a woman contacting a short man being 1.240%.

The data appears to give one piece of online dating advice to shorter men: look for love outside of Manhattan!

For the men who don’t quite measure up to the standards of Manhattan ladies, there is some good news: short men in Queens are 350% more likely than short men in Manhattan and the Bronx to be contacted by a woman online when she viewed his profile, making Queens the best of the boroughs for short men looking for love online.

But if men under 5’9″ want the ultimate chance at finding love online we suggest finding the nearest bridge, tunnel or ferry and heading over to New Jersey.‘s data found that Jersey City was the number 1 best city for short men in the NY metropolitan area. Men under 5’9″ in Jersey City have a 7.3% chance of getting contacted by a woman online—meaning short men in Jersey City are 533% more likely than short men just over the Hudson in Manhattan to be contacted by a woman viewing their profile.

Either way, all men living in Jersey City are in luck in online dating. Our recent data already showed that the women of Jersey City are the least picky when it comes to online dating. We doubt that’s a coincidence, but cheers to Jersey City for being much less superficial than Manhattan. It is heart over height, after all.

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