Online Dating Site Reveals Hot Spot For Drug Use in UK

Data from shows most self-identified drug users in online dating reside in Bolton, GB

Residents in the metropolitan city of Bolton, Great Britain, known as “one of the United Kingdom‘s friendliest towns” may have some help behind their pleasant demeanor. Further south, coastal city of Brighton, GB, known as “London-by-Sea,” a top holiday spot in the UK, may offer more than the soothing sounds of ocean waves to help residents and tourists relax. And people in Glasgow, Scotland, known as the main filming spot for Trainspotting, may be living all to well up to the drug culture the film thrust into the spotlight.

We analysed the self-reported drug habits of more than 45,000 active members in the UK to determine the top and bottom cities for drug users. The data found that the most drug users in the UK are in Bolton, with 10.3% claiming to sometimes or often use drugs, and in Brighton, with 8.5% admitting drug use. In Scotland, 7.8% of residents in Glasgow admit to enjoying recreational drugs.

infographic showing drug use in the United Kingdom

Similar to findings in the U.S., these numbers were pulled from online dating profiles, which pose the question “Drugs?” to members and the reply options of “Never, sometimes, often.” With the average British member around 45 years of age, it poses the question if drug culture is skewing older or if more people are enjoying the occasional illicit substance.

The fewest drug users in the UK may be found in Wolverhampton, GB, where only 1.9% of members admit to drug usage.

While members may shy away from admitting illegal activities online, our Vice President of Data Insights, Josh Fischer, points out that “people who admit to doing drugs on their profile are likely quite honest about it, since they are volunteering that information to potential mates.”

If you use drugs, are you openly admitting to it or do you claim not to do it for fear of scaring off a potential perfect mate? Tell us in the comments section below!

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