How Adding Football to Your Profile Will Get You a Date

Common InterestsIn his online dating profile picture, he’s wearing a New York Giants jersey; you’re a Jets fan. Not to worry — while you might wear different jerseys, there is one thing you can agree on — football. Touchdown!

Of course, it’s more than just football. Common interests can play a big role in successful relationships, especially for those that use online dating. That is why is so proud of  its interest-based matching feature that lets users easily add interests from in just one click.

We’re sharing the top 3 reasons you should add interests to your profile, along with easy-to-follow instructions to get started:

1. More interests, more responses. On, users that have more interests get a lot more messages, responses and matches. The more people we connect you with, the better chance you have of getting a response from someone that shares your interest.

2. Get the most for your effort. We don’t want to waste your time. Our goal is to connect you to people that are interested in you and that could be a potential match. If we know what you like — it’s easier for us to connect you to other singles that like what you like.

3. It’s exciting. It’s fun to see someone that you are attracted to that initially shares some of your interests. That means there is potentially for more than just a physical attraction. Additionally, with our Friends of Friends feature, you can see singles that share similar interests AND mutual friends.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

How To Get Started With Interests (For New Users)

For those that sign-up through Facebook (and join our growing community of 25 million Facebook-connected singles), we automatically pull your Facebook interests into your profile. We take care of everything — how easy is that?

For those that sign-up through email, we only ask that you add 3 interests to your profile before you start browsing. The good news? You can add anything! From music to movies to television — let us know what you enjoy.

How To Get Started With Interests (For Returning Users)

You already have a number of interests on your profile, but what if you want to update your interests? Let’s face it —  you probably won’t like Blink 182 forever. You can add or change your interests by hovering over your profile picture in the upper right corner.

screenshot of profile - adding interests

Click on “Adding Interests” from the dropdown menu and voilà! A module pops up that allows you to add any of your new movie favorites, music obsessions and more. Make sure to hit “Save and Continue” to ensure that your interests are added.

Adding Interests to Profile

The best part? You can search for people that have shared interests using our advanced search tool. Click here for a refresher on how advanced search works.

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