Online Dating: Short Men Find Love in Toronto

Online dating site analysed more than 16,000 interactions between online daters in Canada to determine which cities are the best for shorter men.

The results are promising for guys in Toronto and Vancouver and overall, Canada is a better place for shorter men to date than other countries, including the UK and the US.

Short Men Dating in Canada Infographic

Not surprisingly, women are interested in a man’s height in online dating, sometimes even more so than his income, religion or age. Below are the results on how males across Canada measure up:

* A shorter man is 2x as likely to be contacted in Toronto compared to Calgary
* A man is 97% more likely to be contacted in Toronto over Ottawa if you are under 5’9”

The best cities for men under 5’9 are:

* Toronto (23% chance of being contacted by a woman)
* Vancouver (17% chance)

The worst cities for men under 5’9″ are:

* Ottawa (12% chance of being contacted by a woman)
* Calgary (11% chance)
* Montreal (11% chance)

In Canada, the average male is nearly 5’9″, taller than the average male American and Brit, so why are Canadian women so much friendly to daters of a certain height? As a species, humans continue to get taller, but the average woman in Canada is just shy of 5′ 4″, leaving plenty of room to wear 4-inch stiletto heels and still be shorter than a 5’9″ date.

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