Surprise Findings On Who Likes Curvy Women Online

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to online dating, some shapes get more love from men than others. decided to find out which ones.

Based on the discussion around our recent findings that singles online prefer to date outside their ethnicity, we dug deeper and found even more compelling data by looking at which ethnicities prefer curvy women online.

Firstly, we discovered that curvy women in these U.S. cities get the most love. Then, we examined over 3.6 million interactions among our male and female Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian members to discover which ethnicities prefer curvy women, regardless of location.  The results might surprise you.

We discovered that while men across the board preferred slender women, full-figured women have a significantly better chance with one ethnicity: Asian men.

Asian men were the most likely to show curvy women love online, liking them 15% of the time. They were also 85% more likely than Caucasian men (which landed last on the list) to like curvy women.  Additionally, African-American men were 52% more likely and Hispanic men were 28% more likely respectively than Caucasian men to give attention to curvy women online.

infographic curvy women by ethnicity

Interestingly enough, Asian men didn’t prefer just any curvy women. We dug deeper to examine the ethnicities of women that self-identified as curvy and discovered that Asian men more often prefer curvy African-American women and curvy Caucasian women. African-American men were also the most likely to reach out to curvy Asian and curvy Hispanic women, which supported what we previously learned about online daters tendencies to date outside their ethnic group.

Body type shouldn’t be a dating dealbreaker — keep an open-mind and explore all your options. But to all the curvy daters out there, we suggest giving the Asian man who viewed your profile a second look.  He loves your curves the most!

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