Watch Your Wallet: Top Cities to Avoid Gold Diggers

Monied men and women might want to steer clear of these cities…

Talking about money with your date early on may not be the most comfortable or romantic conversation but it’s more important than many realize. Our recent online dating data looked at the “money factor” — the chance a person will find love online based on their income — and it turned out that money mattered in a BIG way. Single men and women that made more money simply got more responses online, showing that the gold digger concept applied to both genders.

But where in the world (or rather where in the United States) were these so-called gold diggers that were responding to high earners? We set out to pinpoint their exact locations and examined over 100,000 interactions on between our U.S. members to determine cities where singles are most likely to respond to men and women that listed their income about $80,000. As to be expected, there are gold diggers all over the country. But we advise men AND women in Houston, Texas, particularly, to watch their wallet.

Take a look: 

Infographic of cities to avoid gold diggers

As a matter of fact, no wealthy singles are safe in the Lone Star state. While Houston made the lists of male AND female gold diggers, several other cities weren’t far out of the top five. San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin also had high response rates for men that made over $80,000.

Data also shows wealthy women should steer clear of the coasts. On the East Coast, Brooklyn and New York City had high response rates; on the West Coast, Los Angeles rounded out the top five but San Jose and San Diego weren’t far behind.

So, where does that leave a wealthy single looking for a relationship and not a dependent? Be upfront and honest with your date about their (and your) financial expectations — it will pay off. The more you discover about the person you are dating will only help you decide if you want to pursue this relationship or not.

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