The Next States to Legalize Marijuana

Encouraged by the example of Colorado and Washington, states across the country are debating marijuana legalization initiatives. It’s likely that several more states will adopt recreational marijuana use, but we here at wondered which ones would lead the pack.

We examined 75,000 of our U.S. members in December 2013 – when recreational marijuana was illegal everywhere –  to see which states had the highest likelihood to admit doing drugs at the end of 2013. The result? A surprisingly strong correlation between state views on marijuana laws and how willing people in that state are to admit doing drugs on their online dating profile.

Map of Current Marijuana Laws in the US

US map where marijuana use is currently legal

Map of Members Most/Least Willing to Admit Drug Use

Map of Members Most/Least Willing to Admit Drug Use

What we found was that the states where people were the most likely to admit doing drugs were also the states who were most strongly considering legalizing weed. Colorado & Washington were both in the top five, as were Maine, Alaska & Vermont, which are all strongly considering legalizing marijuana.  Every state in their top eight had legalized pot for at least medical purposes.

This correlation may be because places where people do not feel stigmatized by publicly admitting to some level of drug use are also places with the political support for legalization. Whatever the cause, we find it very interesting that what people are willing to admit on their online dating profile can show us signals of impending social change.

In general, we found the Northwest was very open to admitting drug use with Idaho, Oregon, Montana & North Dakota all placing in the top 10.

The states with the lowest percentage of people admitting to drug use were generally politically conservative with Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Virginia & South Carolina being the bottom five.

So, if you are looking to spark one up legally south of Dixie, you may have to wait a while.

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