How to Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Ugh, Valentine’s Day. Hearts everywhere, little cupid statues flying around and it’s a constant reminder that You. Are. Single. Enter the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party! If you weren’t able to find an online date, we have some tips to help you throw an amazing party. Grab all of your friends who think Feb 14th is the worst and get ready to have some fun.


Whether electronic or paper, pick a theme that sets the tone for the party. This can include anything from hearts torn in half to skulls and cross bones. Use your wit to get creative with the verbiage. Be sure to include the date, the time and the address along with any helpful tips like parking instructions and what to wear.


The decorations of the party should match the theme of your invite. You can hang black hearts around or make a “love stinks” banner. A lot of stores sell Valentine’s Day decorations, so you can pick some of these up and alter them at home (examples: spray paint a black “X” over hearts, write “stinks” under “Valentine’s Day”, rearrange letters/words in hanging banners, etc).


Don’t forget to prep the tunes. Create a music playlist but steer away from any romantic songs. Music tastes differ but there are plenty of songs that are fitting for the occasion. There are even “I Hate Valentine’s Day” albums out there.


Have fun with the food! You can serve food that is fitting with the theme including anything dark-colored. You can make (or order) sugar cookies that have anti-Valentine messages like love stinks, bite me, a heart-shaped cookie with an x on it, etc. Valentine’s Day usually means fine dining, so this would be a good time to serve something opposite like nachos and pizza.


If you have people coming who don’t know each other, games can be a great ice-breaker. Create games that will get people to interact with each other. A couple of examples include giving each guest half of a photo featuring a famous couple who have broken up and require them to find the other half of the image. You can also have everyone take out their aggression of the holiday on a heart-shaped piñata. Have a bat ready and have at it! (but be careful)

You can still have fun on Valentine’s Day even if you didn’t find a date online in time. You don’t have to be alone! Being around other people who feel the same way you do will help get you through this day.



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