How to Create a Winning Online Dating Profile

find love onlineWelcome to the world of online dating! A world of pics, blurbs, and witty banter. Online dating can be a great way to meet new singles who are outside of your usual social circles. You just want to make sure you are presenting your best self on your profile.

Your profile is super important because it is your introduction to other singles. Remember the people you will meet online know nothing about you. Your profile should catch their eye and make them want to get to know you better.

Here are some tips for making a winning online dating profile.

Be Clear About Your Dating Objectives

Everyone who is online is online for different reasons. Don’t assume other singles will automatically know what you’re looking for. It’s your job to be clear about what you’re looking for on your online quest. If you’re interested in finding a partner, feel free to put a statement like ‘looking for something serious.’ If looking for something more casual, say something like or even ‘looking to meet new people to have fun with.’ If you are clear about your objectives, it will help to weed out those who may not be right for you and what you are looking for.

About Me Profile Description Tips

First let’s start with the basics…Where are you from? Where have you lived? What industry do you work in? How old are you? Do you have kids? Be honest and to the point when answering these questions keeping in mind that your potential love-interests will learn the truth eventually. Better to be clear about the basics from the beginning to avoid being misleading. As far as interests go, share a variety of interests to attract more singles. Even if you think one of your hobbies is silly or stupid, include it in your profile. Your love of crocheting or playing Scrabble could be the thing to get other singles to give your profile a second look. It adds depth to your interests and personality.

Photo Tips

woman taking photo of herselfSimply stated, photos are important! They will get you noticed for the right and wrong reasons. They can literally be the reason that other singles choose to interact with you or not.

If you’ve tried online dating before, you know what kind of photo attracts or repels you. Sometimes the pics of ourselves that we like best and choose to put on our profiles are not the best choice for an online dating profile. Because it’s hard to be objective when choosing a few photos to represent you, here are a few photo guidelines.

♥  No couples pics! Seriously, you do realize that you are trying to attract potential dates, right?! Don’t post photos with you hugging, kissing or being lovey-dovey with an ex. It just looks like you’re not over that relationship. If you do post pics with one other person, explain who he or she is somewhere in your profile for example, ‘that’s my brother/sister in this pic’ so there’s no confusion.

♥  Don’t post only group pics! It’s important to be clear about who you are in group photos. I’ve seen profiles where every single photo is in a group. It’s confusing! Yes, one or two group pics are a great way to show you having fun with friends, but your profile is about showcasing YOU! Be sure the majority of photos are only of you.

♥  Post a variety of pics!  The more pics you post with a variety of expressions in a variety of settings just makes you look that much more interesting. A mixture of smiling, sexy/serious, formal/dressy, and active/sporty pics will add another dimension to your online dating personality.

♥  Don’t post only funny or silly pics if you want to be taken seriously! One fun photo of you in your crazy Halloween costume from last year is fine but if all of your pics are you ‘playing a character’, other singles will only see you as a jokester.

♥  Don’t post only unnatural pics!  If you are an actor, singer, or entertainer, for example, don’t only post headshots or modeling pics unless you look flawless all the time in normal life. Singles on online dating sites want to see what you really look like on an average day…not photos of you after a team of people have done your makeup, wardrobe, lighting etc. One or two professional pics is fine, but mix some candids in there too. Keep it real!

Upbeat Overall Tone

Be positive! Don’t focus on the negative! Negativity is definitely not a selling point. Remember that part of dating should be about having fun! You want your dates to feel that you will be a fun addition to his or her life, not a burden or a downer. Also be careful about pre-scolding your potential love-interests. Sometimes we preemptively express what we don’t want because we’ve experienced it with a former love-interest. For example, avoid saying things like ‘no gold-diggers‘ or ‘no douchebags’. This comes off as angry and bitter. Focus on what you DO want in a love-interest or relationship.

Following these guidelines will help you to create a profile that will attract quality singles who will be a good fit for you. Remember 1st impressions are everything! It’s your job to make sure you’ve done what you can to create an online dating profile that makes a positive impression.

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