Watch These Girls Give The Most Adorably Honest Dating Advice

Since when did dating become so complicated? Well if your answer is it has always been complicated, you might want to take a hint from these little ladies.

In the video from, three women preparing for first dates get some serious makeovers from a trio of little girls, who also dish out some blunt dating advice. Here’s what we learned from these little dating experts:

  • Don’t wear anything itchy.
  • Don’t Google the guy before the date.
  • Don’t stuff your face too much at dinner.
  • Get steak and potatoes.
  • When in doubt, don’t wait for the guy to kiss you, do whatever you want!

Press play and enjoy!

The video reminds us that when it comes to dating, we often overthink it! It steals away the innocence, excitement and simplicity of what dating should be; a time to have fun and get to know one another. We never go into dates not knowing anymore. We either Google the person or check them out on Facebook and then we go into the date with a million and one expectations. Blind dates should be changed to “I’ve never met you in person but I’ve stalked you online” dates. We obsess over things when we should just let loose and let things go where they may.

It’s good to be a little nervous; it shows you’re excited! Just don’t let it ruin your chance to meet the one.

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