What’s The Best Place to Take Someone For a First Date?

So you’ve been online dating and you’ve just lined up your first date! We say skip the standard dinner and a movie and opt for something a bit more creative. For just the right date ideas, we reached out to Last First Date founder Sandy Weiner. Check out her five unique first date ideas to make a positive first impression below:

shutterstock_91917503#1: Skating

What better place to stir up those fond memories than a skating rink? A first date at a skating rink accomplishes two things: It shows your willingness to do something potentially embarrassing (such as trying to keep your balance), and it gives you the chance to hold on to one another.

#2: Boating

A boating first date provides the serene environment of open water and gives you plenty of things to talk about. Of course, make certain you take a boater safety course and check your boat for any mechanical or structural problems. That dream date can quickly turn to disaster without proper preparation.

#3: Stargazing

A telescope, clear skies and a blanket in a park makes for a great first date, replete with natural first-kiss moments and opportunities for long conversation. Make sure to read up on the constellations and stars, so you can impress your date with a little astronomy knowledge.

#4: Laser Tag

Bring out the kid in you and your date with a night of laser tag. Indoor venues generally prohibit rough-housing and excessive horseplay, so you don’t have to worry about things getting too out of hand.

Most of these first date ideas are inexpensive and serve the purpose of making conversation easy and natural. They also may force you to step out of your normal comfort zone, which is the entire point.

#5: Thrifting

Couple volunteeringIn this world of excess and materialism, thrifting is a great way to show your human side and share laughs in the process. Establish a budget from $15 to $20 to put together the most hideous outfit you can from thrift store clothes. The catch is you both have to change into the clothes and wear them to your dinner date. The idea is to become the main attraction at your restaurant of choice (barring dress code issues) and take many pictures. You’ll be able to laugh at one another and have a lasting memory to tell your kids (if, of course, you ultimately get married).


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