Exercise: Good For Your Body and Dating Life

Exercise and DatingExpert Laurel House explains how exercise can benefit your mind, body, and most importantly, your heart.

Most everybody does it. To some it’s a daily occurrence, others weekly, while many maintain a mere monthly practice of it.

Some prefer it slow and controlled, placing focus on each movement in order to go deeper into the muscle. Others like it fast, powering through it until their muscles quiver and beads of sweat stream from every pore.

Regardless of how and why you do it, when you do it with a partner it creates a connection that transcends talking, allowing body and mind to mingle.

Doing it alone, even before you are in a relationship, is great too. But more than the obvious mind/body benefits, it can actually help you attract a mate…up to a point. If you start doing it too often though, your attractiveness starts to dip. Studies show that men and women who get their blood pumping 3-4 times per week get more online outreach than those who do it daily.

Yes… I’m talking about exercise. Exercise in general, and even more so, exercising with a partner has been shown to create more satisfaction in the bedroom. In fact exercise can even serve as a form of foreplay!

When you work out, you get your blood flowing, your muscles firing, and your heart pumping. Any correlation to sex? Yes- obviously. Here’s how fitness can help get your heart going between the sheets too:

Chemically, Exercise Improves Sex By:

Exercise naturally releases endorphins (known as happy chemicals) in our brains giving us that “natural high.” Feeling great after a workout can also make you feel more connected with the person who you shared the high with- and who better than your partner!

Physically, Exercise Improves Sex By:

Dedicating time to exercise together is a commitment to take care of your body, tone your muscles, burn calories, and shows your partner that you care about improving or maintaining your physical appearance and health- therefore longevity, in order to spend more quality time together now and in the future. Not to mention basic attraction. It’s easy to get into a comfortable grove and let yourself go once in a relationship. Working out together is a great way to help keep that initial appearance-fueled spark alive.

Any interest or activity that a couple shares and experiences together can have a positive impact on the relationship, especially when you are depending on each other to do it. So get out there and start sweating!

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