Dating Myth: Marriage Makes You Fat

Does being in love make you fat?

It has been said that getting married is bad for your waistline — research has shown both men and women pack on the lbs after the honeymoon is over. And our online dating data agrees.

We examined the marital statuses and body types of nearly 138,000 online dating users and discovered nearly 1 in 3 married people identify their body type as having “a few extra pounds” — significantly more than any other dating group. Now, what they’re doing on a dating site is a whole different question.

Percentage of Singles That Admit to Being Overweight

Men and women that have never been married were most likely to identify as having an “athletic and toned” bodies while separated singles are more likely than others to describe themselves as curvy.

However, singles across the board most identify their bodies as “about average.”



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