Why Dating Is Even Better After 40

Middle Aged CoupleThink dating favors the young? Think again. Being over 40 has given you lots of advantages that 20 year old you never had, including the ability to sniff out an old dating cliché like this a mile away…

Dating when we were younger was always led by hormones. We ran after each other desperate to date lest we forget how – or even worse – miss out on our crucial opportunity to find ‘the one’. When it comes to dating as an adult, a real adult, it’s a different thing entirely. And there’s more than one reason why this difference should be celebrated.

Time is on your side

You’ve spent about 15,000 days learning who you are. You’ve developed passions, hobbies, expertise and woven together a unique experience from life. That means when matched with the right partner, you’re in for a far more intense exchange. Children are not so much the focus of your life, nor is living up to the expectations of others. Get ready to date on your terms, based on factors that are truly important to you, producing real, exciting connections.

Your resources are better

It’s more than just having money or your own place (though these things help). You have personal and external resources that are coming into their own now. When you start dating as an adult, your network of experienced friends and family is much more able to support you. You’ve learned important lessons from dating too that can advise you as you navigate single life.

But it’s not just your mental resources that have expanded. Online dating is increasingly focused on dating for adults and mature singles, trying to adapt to their needs. As a result, the range of dating sites and technology available is only getting better. This can help you to date effectively and find what you’ve always really wanted.

Change is often for the better

The 20s are regarded as a time when people do a lot of changing, growing up into adults and often screwing up relationships along the way. The truth is that the 30s are similar to a lesser extent. Now we’ve reached 40 and yes, we’re still changing, both in our lives and as people, but major personality changes will occur less and less frequently in your 40s. This helps us to feel calmer, more grounded, with a stronger sense of self, an undeniable advantage when looking for the right partner.

Confident Middle Aged WomanThat’s not to say that if a fantastic but unusual opportunity comes along you’ll be less likely to take it. Only that your decisions don’t originate from a flurried feeling that the wrong choice will be the end of the world as you know it. You know now that the changes made in the right places can become something very exciting indeed…

You are your best self

There are many reasons why you should feel great now you’ve hit 40. Your generation is known for having succeeded where many previous have not, becoming wealthier, healthier and more successful than those before. Now you know who you are and makes you fabulous – own it! And a note for women: you don’t reach your sexual peak until mid-30s, there’s never been more reason for you to get out there…

All this adds up to a fantastic basis for dating. You’ve got everything together meaning you’re in a great position to challenge yourself and start something new. You’ve got all the resources you never had before to keep you on track too. So start your adventure!

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