Best Dating Cities for Singles Over 40

Your forties, fifties and beyond can be a great time to find love — especially if you know where to look.

Allow us to point you in the right direction. We examined over 6.2 million interactions between our members to find out which cities had the highest response rates for singles over 40.

Aptly named the “A City for All Seasons”, Boca Raton, Florida also appears to be the “City of Love” — topping the list of cities with high response rates for 40+ singles. Boca wasn’t the only city in the “Sunshine State” to make the list. Three other Florida cities — Miami, Clearwater, and West Palm Beach — were great locales for older singles.


Older singles infographic

With good news comes the bad. Aside from Florida, 40-year-old singles didn’t get much love on the eastern half of the United States. Cities like Cleveland, Brooklyn (previously found to be the pickiest city for online daters), and Saint Louis had response rates that were nearly 50% lower than cities like Boca and Salt Lake City.

On the other side of the country, notoriously retiree-friendly states like Arizona and California had high response rates for 40+ singles.

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