Australian Women Prefer Younger Men

Australian couple in loveHey guys, listen up!

New data from our community of 25 million singles on shows that Australian women are nearly 3 times more likely to respond to men who are younger than them rather than older.

This is counter the prevailing notion that Australian women prefer a man older than her. (Are You Interested?) examined 140,813 online dating interactions between 25,795 heterosexual Australian men & women with an average age of 42.  According to’s Director of Product Insights, Josh Fischer, women of all ages were increasingly more likely to respond to a guy the younger he was in comparison to her.

“If a 40-year-old man approaches both a 35-year-old woman and a 45-year-old woman on, he is roughly 3 times more likely to get a reply from the 45-year-old,” Fischer said. “When asked to give an age range while browsing women, 43 percent of Australian men will only consider women his age or younger.  But unlike with Aussie women, Australian men are only slightly less likely to respond to an older woman in the rare occasion that she makes the first move. This data shows that there is a big disconnect between what Australian men say they want and what they actually want. If his goal is to get responses from women he finds attractive, he should also consider approaching women who are slightly older.”

Check out the graph below:

Online Dating: Australian Women More Likely to Respond to Younger Men

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