Aussies Reveal Drug Habits In Quest to Find Partner Online

Drug Use in Online DatingData from shows the top cities for Australian drug users are Adelaide, Townsville and Canberra

Laid-back Australians are more inclined to admit to drug use than fellow online daters in the United States and United Kingdom. Based on nearly 19,000 online dating profiles with self-reported drug habits, 13% of members aged 20-29 report doing drugs sometimes or often; 12% of members aged 30-39; once in 40s and 50s, self-reported drug usage drops to 8% and 5%, respectively.

These numbers were pulled from online dating profiles, which pose the question “Drugs?” to members and the reply options of “Never, Sometimes, Often.”

The Australian cities with the fewest drug users are Hobart (6.6%), Newcastle (7.5%), Melbourne at (8.3%) and Cairns at (9%). Collectively, males and female drug users make up 13% of the residents of topical Northern Territory capital, Darwin, the largest group of drug users, according to the data. Could the topical air and laid back city be inspiring singles to experiment with drugs?

Why are singles more willing to admit to drug use in the Land Down Under, a country where, in some places, marijuana is criminally classified in the same category as heroin? In 2012, the United Nations World Drug Report found that Australia leads the world in marijuana usage per capita – along with neighbor New Zealand. Could it be Australians just more honest and willing to admit to drug use in the hopes of finding a like-minded partner?

Even careers that traditionally require a sober mind have professionals willing to admit to drug use.The top careers for drug users of all ages in Australia are:

1. Artist/Creative 16.4%

2. Labor and Construction 13.5%

3. Hospitality 10%

While Australia is not quite a nation of Cleaver Greenes (7.9% of barristers admit to drug use), the professions that report the fewest drug users are all in line with people who should not be doing drugs or reporting that they do, at least:

1. Doctors 4.7%

2. Politicians/Military Personal and Business Executives 4.9%

3. Teachers 5.3%

However, when looking at online daters under age 40, 21% of artists, 20% Construction and Labor workers and 12% each Hospitality, Financial Services and Sales are drug users. 8% of Doctors under 40 report using drugs, which may provide future aid in the ill-fated-to-date efforts to legalise medical marijuana.

While members may shy away from admitting illegal activities online, our Vice President of Data Insights, Josh Fischer, recently pointed out that “people who admit to doing drugs on their profile are likely quite honest about it, since they are volunteering that information to potential mates.”

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