Top 5 Places Where Romance Is Alive and Well

In honor of National Romance Awareness Month this August, we wanted to find out where the most swoon-worthy daters reside by asking , “How romantic do you think you are?”

We analyzed nearly 600,000 responses to that question from members and discovered that romance is alive and well in many states across the U.S.

Delaware, “The First State”, was also the first state on our list, with over half the singles in the state claiming to be “very romantic.” The Northeast in general was a rather passionate region with Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey all cracking the top 10. The least enchanting region was the Midwest, which is home to South Dakota, the most unromantic state on the list.



State lines weren’t the only deciding factor — there were also some lines drawn between the sexes. Data showed men often think they are more romantic than women, particularly men over 50, who are 10% more likely than women of that age to say they are “very romantic.” Older singles in general reported being more romantic than their younger counterparts (under 50 years old).

For as romantic as singles think they are, sometimes they do some rather unromantic things — like saying “I love you” on a first date. Analyzing nearly 120,000 responses to the question, “If someone says “I love you” on a first date, is that romantic or scary?”, we discovered that once again, men and women thought about this in very different ways.

Men, oddly enough, think these 3 words on a first date aren’t too bad, with 1 in 5 men saying they thought it would be romantic. Women, on the other hand, were running for the hills — 54% of the women that answered the question said that would be scary. We agree!

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