5 Ways to Heal Your Heart After a Break Up

Sad woman after breakupAnyone familiar with the classic Neil Sedaka song will know that breaking up is hard to do.

Relationship break-ups represent an often painful and difficult point in our lives and they can be emotionally and physically exhausting as well.

The important thing is to try and stay positive and look at ways to heal your heart. Read your free daily horoscope to get an idea of where things are headed in the future and maybe focus on these five points and ways to help you move on to pastures new.

1. Always have a plan

Social interaction is a very important aspect and one of the fundamental keys to helping you move forward with a new phase of your life.

It is perfectly understandable that you will feel a sense of isolation and be consumed by a range of emotions, shortly after you have been involved in a break up. The important thing is to make social plans and arrange to see family and friends on a regular basis rather than trying to tough it alone.

Resist the urge to be alone and try not to shun offers of company from people that you care about. It will help you to heal more quickly and allow you to move on without hopefully feeling as much sorrow and pain as you would if you tried to cope alone.

2. Love on the rebound

It takes most of us time to come to terms with a relationship breakdown and it is in the aftermath that we can be vulnerable to engaging in a new liaison when we are not actually ready to do so.

Don’t try to use a new relationship simply to cover over the cracks in your emotions that may well still exist for a little while. You will probably only end up creating a very confusing emotional environment, so think carefully before you try to find love again too soon.

3. Work isn’t often the answer

There can be a real temptation to throw yourself into work as a way of providing a distraction to the traumatic personal event you have just experienced. Overworking might offer an opportunity to avoid feelings of sadness or loneliness but it creates an imbalance in your life that can be hard to break once you get into a cycle or pattern of working more than you should do.

4. Extra help

There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about seeking some professional help to deal with your emotional turmoil, if that is what you think you may need. Seeing a therapist and talking through your problems and feelings can actually be a healthy way of working your way through a difficult process.

5. Look into the future

Happy womanYou might also want to consider some spiritual help, which can involve using a psychic to help you rationalize your feelings and get an idea of what the future now holds for you.

A psychic may well be able to tell whether there is a new love just over the horizon and they may also be able to come up with some useful strategies to help you heal quicker and feel better about yourself.

Breaking up is never an easy thing to go through, but with the right self-help approach and support from friends and family, you can soon heal your heart and be ready to start looking for love again.

This article was written by Marie Mccormack for FirstMet.com. Marie Mccormack has been through a challenging divorce. Happily remarried, she enjoys helping others move on and find the love they deserve in life. She likes to post what she has learned on love and relationship websites on the internet. Visit TheCircle for more relationship advice and to find out what the future holds. You can also follow The Circle on Google+.

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