4 Tips That Are Guaranteed to Get You More Messages!

As fun and simple as it may be, sometimes online dating can be frustrating when you’re not getting the responses from the people you’re looking for. Try these tips to improve your profile and have a better chance at meeting someone new!

1. Have More Than One Photo on Your Account, with Clear Head Shots


When looking for a potential match, compatibility and mutual interests determine if a relationship can grow but your profile picture determines if an initial match will be made in the first place! With online dating, everyone starts out as a stranger. Users like to know who they’re talking to, so being able to put a face to a name plays a big part in the first steps of getting to know someone. Upload a variety of photos (FirstMet allows up to 10!) that show not just what you look like but who you are. Choose pictures with clear head shots as well as ones that depict your hobbies/interests. This will help potential matches get the full picture on who they could get to know. P.S. Don’t forget to smile!

2. Add Interesting Information into your About Me

Photos play their part in representing who you are but an “About Me” sections allows for you to use your voice and really show a potential match what you’re all about. Have pet peeves or specific preferences? Make them clear to avoid wasting time and attracting the wrong people. Know what you want in a partner? Talk about what requirements you have and what you can offer in return. This is your chance to give an inside look into your life, your values and what you find interest in. Do it right and your personality will shine through.

3. Fill Out as much Information on Your Likes and Interests As Possible 

Now this is where you can have some fun! Having a shared interest in The Beatles or Gone with the Wind may not make or break a budding romance but wouldn’t it be fun to meet someone who loved something just as much as you? By filling out this area it can help potential matches find common ground and have the courage to reach out to you.

4. Initiate and Send Out Custom Messages


Depending on your perspective, this may be the hardest part…or the one that is the most exciting! This is your real first impression. Your first move towards a potential relationship to see where things go. At the end of the day, the message itself can be about anything. Rather its something you noticed on someone’s profile, a joke to start things casual or just a simple “hello, how are you”, the important thing is to be sincere, honest, and above all respectful. For those that are a little more nervous about the pressure of crafting the perfect message, you can always use our wide range of icebreakers to start the conversation!

Just remember it takes time to create a meaningful connection. Keep at it and your hard work with pay off!

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