UK Women Are Most Likely to Contact Silver Foxes Online

Data shows that silver foxes are female-favourites; gentlemen prefer blondes

Men love blondes; they’re classic yet rare (well, in natural form) and has the proof. We analyzed over 2 million interactions to determine which hair colours UK men and women prefer online. Here are the results:

Which Hair Color Do UK Online Daters Prefer?

Our online dating data showed that blonde women are 28% more likely to be contacted than the women with other hair colours. Raven-haired women follow closely with a 23% chance. Brunette women also fare pretty well. However, it appears that the older female generation is being left in the dust. Women whose hair color is grey or silver/white were almost 50% less likely to be contacted! But that’s nothing a trip to Boots for colourant can’t change.

On the other hand, the women of the United Kingdom appear to love the look of older men. (We also found the same to be true in the US. Worldwide phenomenon?) Silver foxes are 18% more likely to be contacted than men with other hair colours. Call it the Clooney effect but women far prefer the distinguished look over lighter hair, like blonde or red.

Brown-haired men get more positive response than the average user on In fact, most hair colors seem to do pretty well, with one exception: Red-headed men were a whopping 49% less likely to be contacted, according to our data. Could gingerism be a real thing!? Blokes with a red hue to their hair may have to work a bit harder but there is love for everyone online and plenty of women who love a man with a fiery mane.


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