3 Things Men Find Attractive About You (Besides Your Appearance)

woman and man close-upAs visual as men are when it comes to attraction, we notice a lot more about you than the way you do your hair or your nails.

If you really want a relationship-ready man to notice you when you walk into a room, there are at least three qualities we look for in a woman that will really get our attention and pique our interest in you.

1. Confidence.

A confident woman is a beautiful woman. The way a woman carries herself, the way she speaks, the way she interacts with others–those are the things that a relationship-ready man really notices about you. It’s kind of hard for us not to notice a woman who exudes confidence.

2. Sense of Humor.

Pretty faces are easy to come by, but what’s really refreshing for a man is meeting a woman with a great sense of humor. While recent studies have shown that women are typically attracted to men with broody good looks (think James Dean), researchers have actually found the opposite to be true for men who are typically are drawn to happy, smiling women. So by all means, laugh out loud when we’re around.

3. Intelligence.

There’s no bigger let down for a man than a beautiful with a pea-sized brain. As visually stimulating as a woman might be, the attraction falls short when there’s no mental stimulation. A woman who is just as smart as she is sexy is a huge turn on for a man because it lets us know you have a lot going for you than just your looks.

So, the next time you decide to give yourself a makeover to better attract the man of your dreams, here’s a tip: focus inward. Skip the spa and read a book or learn a new skill that will make you uniquely attractive. True beauty happens from the inside out, so do yourself and the relationship ready man of your dreams a favor and make it your daily resolution to better yourself on the inside to enhance your overall beauty.

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