Sydney Tops List of Least Selective Online Dating Cities


Online dating in Australia: which city offers more success for single men?

Online Dating Australia

Single men in Australia looking for a little online dating love should try their luck with Sydney women, according to new data from

The global online dating app examined 100,000 interactions between Australian singles to discover the most and least responsive online dating cities.’s data showed that single women in Sydney were more likely to respond to online messages than singles in other cities.

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The data seems to support what many have called a “man drought” — a term that describes a gender imbalance where women in their thirties outnumber men by hundreds of thousands. The “drought” severely affects coastal cities, meaning that women in Sydney are pressured to be less picky when selecting a partner.

On the other hand, found Melbourne women to be the pickiest when it came to online dating. But don’t worry, these women aren’t completely unapproachable. recommends breaking the ice by asking, “Where are you from originally?”, a line that receives 61% more response rates than a simple, “Hi” or “What’s up?”

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However, the best bet for men looking for love online is simple—ask out a woman from Sydney. Chances are, she will be glad you did!

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